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[dir] cgi-bin 0.0  B 26-Sep-2016
[pdf] GO.28 18.3.2015 PRC 2015 CCA GO.PDF 195.0 KB 21-Mar-2015
[pdf] GO.26 18th Mar 2015 PRC 2015 DA GO.PDF 164.0 KB 21-Mar-2015
[pdf] GO.27 18th Mar 2015 PRC 2015 HRA GO.PDF 186.3 KB 21-Mar-2015
[pdf] GO.25 18-3-2015 Telangana PRC 2015 GO.PDF 292.3 KB 21-Mar-2015
[pdf] Memo.68 Procedural Instructions for Implementation of PRC 2015.pdf 385.3 KB 06-Apr-2015
[pdf] GO.33 Pensioners PRC 2015 Orders.pdf 1.6 MB 07-Apr-2015
[pdf] GO.25 Telangan PRC 2015 Revised Pay Scales of All Departments.pdf 2.3 MB 09-Apr-2015
[pdf] Telangana PRC 2015 HBA GO.34 Enhancement of Ceiling.pdf 55.4 KB 11-Apr-2015
[jpg] Memo.D3-1663-2015 Untrained SC ST Teachers 12 Years AAS SPP-I Clarification.jpg 222.1 KB 11-Apr-2015
[pdf] GO.38 PRC 2015 AAS GO Automatic Advacement Scheme 6-12-18-24 Yrs.PDF 183.5 KB 15-Apr-2015
[pdf] Proposed Academic Calender and other activities for the academic year 2015-16.pdf 576.1 KB 18-Apr-2015
[pdf] Invitation to TSUTF to discuss on proposed reforms.pdf 222.4 KB 18-Apr-2015
[pdf] GO 46 Additional HRA Telangana PRC 2015 AHRA.PDF 220.9 KB 22-Apr-2015
[jpg] DTA Telangana Procedural Instructions on PRC Bills Memo 1838.jpg 248.1 KB 22-Apr-2015
[pdf] GO.56 PRC 2015 Special Pay and Allowances Rates.pdf 188.5 KB 02-May-2015
[pdf] GO 60 Telangana Travelling Allowance Rules TA Rules 2015.pdf 120.3 KB 02-May-2015
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